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Utilizing our proprietary quick and seamless approach to recruitment, we guarantee at least 2 high quality candidates to join your future leadership team

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360° Talent Partners

With a 360° view of your business goals, we implement an integrated talent strategy that’s validated by data.

What we do

  • Deliver on our promises
  • Work with 100% transparency
  • Provide 24/7 access to your job pipeline
  • Save your time
  • Provide solutions based on data

What we don’t do

  • Accept more clients than we can service
  • Only poach from your competitors
  • Have office hours
  • Waste your time with CVs to disqualify
  • Recycle candidates
  • Oversell you or our candidates

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As a business owner or CEO, you want to hire the right person for the right job, quickly and effectively. But traditional hiring methods mean you have to sift through dozens of unqualified candidates.

We’re the voice of reason in this crazy world of hiring. We understand that the right talent is not only the highest achiever but also a right match for both the job roles and culture of a business. We link you with world-class individuals who are talented, motivated, and are passionate about what they do.

Sittikarn (Yoon) Valee-Ittikul

CEO and Founder

Sittikarn (Yoon) Valee-Ittikul

CEO and Founder

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Here at Talent First, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer services across industry but with a specialization on skillsets.


Contingent Search

No upfront payments, only a fee is charged if we deliver. It is a simple process: simply provide us with a description of your ideal candidate, the role and responsibilities and let us do the rest.


Retained Search

Perfect for confidential and urgent searches, where the search criteria is complex and you want to be sure that we’re getting it right.


Engaged Exclusive Search

Take our partnership to the next level and work with us on an exclusive basis. This is a hybrid structure between Contingent and Retained search, giving you the best of both worlds.


Build a Team

Our most comprehensive service that businesses use to grow their teams at an exponential pace. Get quick results, whether it’s looking fill more than 10 vacancies or looking to scale a full team.



Flexible and hassle-free process and project-based talent. We take care of the entire process from sourcing talent, legal paperwork, payroll to tax.


Talent Mapping

Provide insights on reward and compensation, optimal team structure, and your brand positioning in the market. Additionally, it will help you define how your organization’s culture affects the way employees are selected and developed.

We really value transparency.

Get live access to our recruitment pipeline: see who we have approached, their feedback and the current recruitment status. This provides you with invaluable insight and keeps us accountable.


We have placed leaders across multi-faceted organizations enabling start ups to scale ups and worked with partners to expand our ecosystem of services.

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